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Environment & Social

ESKATE® is an internationally active medium-sized family business. With regional roots, we always act from a holistic perspective, take responsibility for our actions globally and locally, and want to actively contribute to resource conservation wherever we operate.


New photovoltaic system


We have installed a photovoltaic system on a roof area of 2,900 m2 . The solar electricity generated is to be used primarily for our own electricity needs. The output of the system is 299 kW, which means a solar power generation of 269 MWh per year. Surplus solar power is fed into the grid or is available for e-cars or e-bikes. 50% of our electricity needs can be covered by solar energy. With an annual CO2 saving of almost 125 t, we are thus making a significant contribution to climate protection.

High metal recycling rate


Metals are valuable raw materials. Once they have served their purpose, however, the scrap metals are not disposed of as scrap but are recycled. Since metals are particularly robust, they can be recycled as often as desired. The recycling rate for metal in Germany is high at 91.5 %.

We also feed our metal waste products into the circular economy. Intensive recycling, e.g. of steel, not only contributes to significant savings of waste and resources, but also helps to avoid emissions such as the greenhouse gas CO2.

With the camera


An environmental contribution that not only inspires ornithologists: in 2007, we built a stork nest in a local community project. Since 2008, Adebar and his white stork family can be admired live - via the high-resolution ESKATE® "StorchenCam" at storchencam.eskate.de.

The stork net is located about 60 m south of our administration building and was erected in 2007 together with our neighbours, the Meinert-Huck holiday farm, in the Unterlübbe district. The platform is located at a height of 14 m. In 2014, a new StorchenCam went into operation - it is an Axis P1354. The old Pentax 5-50 mm Varifocal lens is still in use.

We thank Dr. Rolf Bense (Petershagen-Windheim) from the "Aktionskomitee >Rettet die Weißstörche im Kreis Minden-Lübbecke< e.V." for his ornithological advice.

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