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We would be pleased to advise you on your individual terms and designs.

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On-demand orders ensure certainty in planning with immediate availability.

Thanks to our manufacturing processes and the continuous availability of raw materials, we are able to produce flanges, rings, bands, clamping rings and collars at very short notice. At the same time, the entire value chain remains seamlessly under our control. This ensures speed at the same time as reducing costs. We produce series orders as well as call orders to meet customer requirements and hold them in stock specifically for our customers.


Our production sites are all ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015 certified and guarantee high quality standards, thanks to ongoing controls in the individual production stages.

We only use selected, high-quality materials for the manufacture of our products and also carry out an additional final quality inspection before storage or before shipment.

Last but not least, we can carry out ultrasonic tests and surface cracking tests in house, depending on the project, and thus we detect possible faults at an early stage.


We guarantee your desired delivery date upon order.

The goods leave the plant on the day following the call order. At the same time, as system provider, we protect you from delivery delays in your international orders, automated further processing and the resale of our products. For this purpose we offer our customers a comprehensive, worldwide dispatch service using our own carriers, by ship or airfreight, with long-standing and selected logistic partners.

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