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Fields of application

  • Agraindustrie
  • Anlagenbau
  • Architektur
  • Automobilindustrie
  • Baustoffindustrie
  • Chemieindustrie
  • Gemischte Industrien & Sonderlösungen
  • Lebensmittelindustrie
  • Metallverarbeitung
  • Pharmaindustrie
  • Recyclingindustrie

ESKATE® Flanged sealing ring

The ESKATE® Flanged sealing rings for use with clamping rings and pipe wall thicknesses of 1, 2 & 3mm are perfectly matched to the profiles of the ESKATE® clamping rings and offer the ideal solution for the leak-free and pressure-resistant connection of two pipe ends.

The flange sealing rings are produced and offered in 1, 2 and 3mm versions made of Keltan, Silicone and Perbunan for all common pipe widths with a flange height of 6mm.

Clamping rings for use with flange sealing rings each have only one clamping ring profile for all three pipe wall thicknesses of 1, 2 and 3 mm and are more powerful than conventional clamping rings. They have increased dust and air tightness as well as high resistance to heat, acids, oil fumes and fats.

Depending on the thickness of the pipe, the flange sealing ring is used in 1, 2 or 3 mm version 
The flange sealing ring is mounted on the crimping edge and is then firmly connected to the pipe. This has the advantage that the pipe connection can be opened and closed several times without new sealing, for example for inspection purposes.

Fields of application

  • Agraindustrie
  • Anlagenbau
  • Architektur
  • Automobilindustrie
  • Baustoffindustrie
  • Chemieindustrie
  • Gemischte Industrien & Sonderlösungen
  • Lebensmittelindustrie
  • Metallverarbeitung
  • Pharmaindustrie
  • Recyclingindustrie

Variants Print

NBR / Perbunan

Article no. Nw Pipe systems electrically conductive FDA compliant
PL-80-1801mm Yes No
PL-90-1901mm Yes No
PL-100-11001mm Yes No
PL-112-11121mm Yes No
PL-120-11201mm Yes No
PL-125-11251mm Yes No
PL-140-11401mm Yes No
PL-150-11501mm Yes No
PL-160-11601mm Yes No
PL-175-11751mm Yes No
PL-180-11801mm Yes No
PL-200-12001mm Yes No
PL-224-12241mm Yes No
PL-250-12501mm Yes No
PL-280-12801mm Yes No
PL-300-13001mm Yes No
PL-315-13151mm Yes No
PL-350-13501mm Yes No
PL-355-13551mm Yes No
PL-400-14001mm Yes No
PL-450-14501mm Yes No
PL-500-15001mm Yes No
PL-550-15501mm Yes No
PL-560-15601mm Yes No
PL-600-16001mm Yes No
PL-630-16301mm Yes No
PL-650-1650*1mm Yes No
PL-700-1700*1mm Yes No
PL-710-1710*1mm Yes No
PL-750-1750*1mm Yes No
PL-800-1800*1mm Yes No
PL-850-1850*1mm Yes No
PL-900-1900*1mm Yes No
PL-80-2802mm Yes No
PL-90-2902mm Yes No
PL-100-21002mm Yes No
PL-112-21122mm Yes No
PL-120-21202mm Yes No
PL-125-21252mm Yes No
PL-140-21402mm Yes No
PL-150-21502mm Yes No
PL-160-21602mm Yes No
PL-175-21752mm Yes No
PL-180-21802mm Yes No
PL-200-22002mm Yes No
PL-224-22242mm Yes No
PL-250-22502mm Yes No
PL-280-22802mm Yes No
PL-300-23002mm Yes No
PL-315-23152mm Yes No
PL-350-23502mm Yes No
PL-355-23552mm Yes No
PL-400-24002mm Yes No
PL-450-24502mm Yes No
PL-500-25002mm Yes No
PL-550-25502mm Yes No
PL-560-25602mm Yes No
PL-600-26002mm Yes No
PL-630-26302mm Yes No
PL-650-2650*2mm Yes No
PL-700-2700*2mm Yes No
PL-710-2710*2mm Yes No
PL-750-2750*2mm Yes No
PL-800-2800*2mm Yes No
PL-850-2850*2mm Yes No
PL-900-2900*2mm Yes No
PL-80-3803mm Yes No
PL-90-3903mm Yes No
PL-100-31003mm Yes No
PL-112-31123mm Yes No
PL-120-31203mm Yes No
PL-125-31253mm Yes No
PL-140-31403mm Yes No
PL-150-31503mm Yes No
PL-160-31603mm Yes No
PL-175-31753mm Yes No
PL-180-31803mm Yes No
PL-200-32003mm Yes No
PL-224-32243mm Yes No
PL-250-32503mm Yes No
PL-280-32803mm Yes No
PL-300-33003mm Yes No
PL-315-33153mm Yes No
PL-350-33503mm Yes No
PL-355-33553mm Yes No
PL-400-34003mm Yes No
PL-450-34503mm Yes No
PL-500-35003mm Yes No
PL-550-35503mm Yes No
PL-560-35603mm Yes No
PL-600-36003mm Yes No
PL-630-36303mm Yes No
PL-650-3650*3mm Yes No
PL-700-3700*3mm Yes No
PL-710-3710*3mm Yes No
PL-750-3750*3mm Yes No
PL-800-3800*3mm Yes No
PL-850-3850*3mm Yes No
PL-900-3900*3mm Yes No


Article no. Nw Pipe systems electrically conductive FDA compliant
S-80-1801mm No Yes
S-90-1901mm No Yes
S-100-11001mm No Yes
S-112-11121mm No Yes
S-120-11201mm No Yes
S-125-11251mm No Yes
S-140-11401mm No Yes
S-150-11501mm No Yes
S-160-11601mm No Yes
S-175-11751mm No Yes
S-180-11801mm No Yes
S-200-12001mm No Yes
S-224-12241mm No Yes
S-250-12501mm No Yes
S-280-12801mm No Yes
S-300-13001mm No Yes
S-315-13151mm No Yes
S-350-13501mm No Yes
S-355-13551mm No Yes
S-400-14001mm No Yes
S-450-14501mm No Yes
S-500-15001mm No Yes
S-550-15501mm No Yes
S-560-15601mm No Yes
S-600-16001mm No Yes
S-630-16301mm No Yes
S-650-1650*1mm No Yes
S-700-1700*1mm No Yes
S-710-1710*1mm No Yes
S-750-1750*1mm No Yes
S-800-1800*1mm No Yes
S-850-1850*1mm No Yes
S-900-1900*1mm No Yes
S-80-2802mm No Yes
S-90-2902mm No Yes
S-100-21002mm No Yes
S-112-21122mm No Yes
S-120-21202mm No Yes
S-125-21252mm No Yes
S-140-21402mm No Yes
S-150-21502mm No Yes
S-160-21602mm No Yes
S-175-21752mm No Yes
S-180-21802mm No Yes
S-200-22002mm No Yes
S-224-22242mm No Yes
S-250-22502mm No Yes
S-280-22802mm No Yes
S-300-23002mm No Yes
S-315-23152mm No Yes
S-350-23502mm No Yes
S-355-23552mm No Yes
S-400-24002mm No Yes
S-450-24502mm No Yes
S-500-25002mm No Yes
S-550-25502mm No Yes
S-560-25602mm No Yes
S-600-26002mm No Yes
S-630-26302mm No Yes
S-650-2650*2mm No Yes
S-700-2700*2mm No Yes
S-710-2710*2mm No Yes
S-750-2750*2mm No Yes
S-800-2800*2mm No Yes
S-850-2850*2mm No Yes
S-900-2900*2mm No Yes
S-80-3803mm No Yes
S-90-3903mm No Yes
S-100-31003mm No Yes
S-112-31123mm No Yes
S-120-31203mm No Yes
S-125-31253mm No Yes
S-140-31403mm No Yes
S-150-31503mm No Yes
S-160-31603mm No Yes
S-175-31753mm No Yes
S-180-31803mm No Yes
S-200-32003mm No Yes
S-224-32243mm No Yes
S-250-32503mm No Yes
S-280-32803mm No Yes
S-300-33003mm No Yes
S-315-33153mm No Yes
S-350-33503mm No Yes
S-355-33553mm No Yes
S-400-34003mm No Yes
S-450-34503mm No Yes
S-500-35003mm No Yes
S-550-35503mm No Yes
S-560-35603mm No Yes
S-600-36003mm No Yes
S-630-36303mm No Yes
S-650-3650*3mm No Yes
S-700-3700*3mm No Yes
S-710-3710*3mm No Yes
S-750-3750*3mm No Yes
S-800-3800*3mm No Yes
S-850-3850*3mm No Yes
S-900-3900*3mm No Yes


Article no. Nw Pipe systems electrically conductive FDA compliant
AL-80-1801mm Yes Yes
AL-90-1901mm Yes Yes
AL-100-11001mm Yes Yes
AL-112-11121mm Yes Yes
AL-120-11201mm Yes Yes
AL-125-11251mm Yes Yes
AL-140-11401mm Yes Yes
AL-150-11501mm Yes Yes
AL-160-11601mm Yes Yes
AL-175-11751mm Yes Yes
AL-180-11801mm Yes Yes
AL-200-12001mm Yes Yes
AL-224-12241mm Yes Yes
AL-250-12501mm Yes Yes
AL-280-12801mm Yes Yes
AL-300-13001mm Yes Yes
AL-315-13151mm Yes Yes
AL-350-13501mm Yes Yes
AL-355-13551mm Yes Yes
AL-400-14001mm Yes Yes
AL-450-14501mm Yes Yes
AL-500-15001mm Yes Yes
AL-550-15501mm Yes Yes
AL-560-15601mm Yes Yes
AL-600-16001mm Yes Yes
AL-630-16301mm Yes Yes
AL-650-1650*1mm Yes Yes
AL-700-1700*1mm Yes Yes
AL-710-1710*1mm Yes Yes
AL-750-1750*1mm Yes Yes
AL-800-1800*1mm Yes Yes
AL-850-1850*1mm Yes Yes
AL-900-1900*1mm Yes Yes
AL-80-2802mm Yes Yes
AL-90-2902mm Yes Yes
AL-100-21002mm Yes Yes
AL-112-21122mm Yes Yes
AL-120-21202mm Yes Yes
AL-125-21252mm Yes Yes
AL-140-21402mm Yes Yes
AL-150-21502mm Yes Yes
AL-160-21602mm Yes Yes
AL-175-21752mm Yes Yes
AL-180-21802mm Yes Yes
AL-200-22002mm Yes Yes
AL-224-22242mm Yes Yes
AL-250-22502mm Yes Yes
AL-280-22802mm Yes Yes
AL-300-23002mm Yes Yes
AL-315-23152mm Yes Yes
AL-350-23502mm Yes Yes
AL-355-23552mm Yes Yes
AL-400-24002mm Yes Yes
AL-450-24502mm Yes Yes
AL-500-25002mm Yes Yes
AL-550-25502mm Yes Yes
AL-560-25602mm Yes Yes
AL-600-26002mm Yes Yes
AL-630-26302mm Yes Yes
AL-650-2650*2mm Yes Yes
AL-700-2700*2mm Yes Yes
AL-710-2710*2mm Yes Yes
AL-750-2750*2mm Yes Yes
AL-800-2800*2mm Yes Yes
AL-850-2850*2mm Yes Yes
AL-900-2900*2mm Yes Yes
AL-80-3803mm Yes Yes
AL-90-3903mm Yes Yes
AL-100-31003mm Yes Yes
AL-112-31123mm Yes Yes
AL-120-31203mm Yes Yes
AL-125-31253mm Yes Yes
AL-140-31403mm Yes Yes
AL-150-31503mm Yes Yes
AL-160-31603mm Yes Yes
AL-175-31753mm Yes Yes
AL-180-31803mm Yes Yes
AL-200-32003mm Yes Yes
AL-224-32243mm Yes Yes
AL-250-32503mm Yes Yes
AL-280-32803mm Yes Yes
AL-300-33003mm Yes Yes
AL-315-33153mm Yes Yes
AL-350-33503mm Yes Yes
AL-355-33553mm Yes Yes
AL-400-34003mm Yes Yes
AL-450-34503mm Yes Yes
AL-500-35003mm Yes Yes
AL-550-35503mm Yes Yes
AL-560-35603mm Yes Yes
AL-600-36003mm Yes Yes
AL-630-36303mm Yes Yes
AL-650-3650*3mm Yes Yes
AL-700-3700*3mm Yes Yes
AL-710-3710*3mm Yes Yes
AL-750-3750*3mm Yes Yes
AL-800-3800*3mm Yes Yes
AL-850-3850*3mm Yes Yes
AL-900-3900*3mm Yes Yes
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