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Fields of application

Special clamping rings and factory standards

Alongside series or mass production, we are particularly known for the development and manufacture of customer-speci c specialized clam- ping rings as well as non-standard sizes. Factory standards, interme- diate sizes or other custom-built models pass through our automated production lines at weekly intervals.

Over the last 30 years, the diverse applications for clamping rings and clamping ring systems have led to the development of numerous factory standards and custom-built models. Since every application is different, our design engineers work on the tting and secure clamping ring pro le early in the development stage. As a result, we prevent any nasty surprises in downstream serial production during the planning phase.

At the moment, we produce more than 400 different profiles on first-class CNC bending machines. Whether individual or serial production, we find the best solution to merge your requirements with our profiles. In this regard, we always endeavour to achieve the most efficient solution for you.

Fields of application

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